Global Security Manager

A core asset to preempting threats across a complex network is a global view of enterprise security. You have to see the whole picture to protect it. That's why at the heart of Cyemptive’s enterprise protection is the Cyemptive Global Security Manager (CGSM).

The CGSM is the central control system for all Cyemptive products and services. Installed in your secure datacenter, it allows the security professional to monitor, add, configure, and control the full-range of systems across their network.

The CGSM monitors and controls not only the range of Cyemptive products and can give you a perspective on the security of non-Cyemptive devices as well. It can alert you to network configuration issues, vulnerabilities in your architecture, and it is a comprehensive logging platform for security alerts.

The Cyemptive Global Security Manager is a unique single pane of glass that provides a vantage point to view and control the security of your entire network.

Global View

Single viewpoint of
your entire network


Central control for the
CyberSlice technology

Comprehensive Logging

Central monitor for
all your secured systems

Security Management

Monitor and configure
your secured systems

Alert Center

Know what's happening
in real-time