Firewall Controller

A secure environment begins at the firewall. The Cyemptive Firewall Controller (CFC) is the front line of defense against a world of cybersecurity threats.

The CFC is a unique firewall that not only protects on the front line, we recommend deploying it throughout your network. Having a range of CFCs deployed allows you to isolate threats to parts of your network, and allows you to monitor and control the access to your systems in a way no other firewall can.

The CFC is available as either a stand-alone firewall, or as a component installed in the Cyemptive blade systems as part of a more comprehensive installation.

If your need is to protect your remote devices, such as cameras and other remote sensors, we also have the CFC-R. The CFC-R is a smaller version of the CFC that installs at the remote sensor and provides not only hacking protect of the monitored device, but fully encrypted communication back to your central office.

The Cyemptive Firewall Controller is the backbone of the Cyemptive architecture and helps you gain complete control over the security of your entire network.

Ironclad Protection

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Comprehensive Logging

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Remote Sensors

Available as a CFC-R
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